CSS Made Easy: 5 Free Online Resources for a Solid Foundation

If you feel CSS is difficult to understand, it is likely you didn't break it down to the level it makes sense for you. Simplifying the concepts you need to learn so that you can grasp them and improve your knowledge is a sure way to progress.

To help you break down the CSS information you need to know, you need to learn from resources that will make it simple enough. These resources must follow a logical, progressive structure with digestible, easy-to-understand learning blocks.

These days, you can use many free resources to learn CSS. Picking the top ones that are up-to-date with best practices taught by industry experts will help you get comfortable with CSS and build your CSS skills faster. After all, learning should be enjoyable to be more effective.

I'll share five free resources that can help you enjoy learning CSS.

1. Learn CSS course by web.dev

web.dev is brought to you by the Google Chrome team to help build a better web. They have a learn web development section where they teach various web design and development courses, all for free. One of the modules is the Learn CSS course, a well-structured course full of interactive demos and self-assessments to test your knowledge.

2. Learn to style HTML using CSS by MDN

The Learn to style HTML using CSS course is part of the Learn web development docs created by MDN. As they mention, this area aims to take you from "beginner to comfortable." Apart from the CSS basics section and the official CSS docs they also provide a more in-depth CSS course. This course has interactive examples and visuals to illustrate the various CSS concepts.

3. HTML & CSS Crash Course by Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell is one of the most popular HTML and CSS instructors on the web. To access his HTML & CSS Crash Course on Scrimba, you must sign up for a free account. It comprises both HTML and CSS interactive screencasts designed to help you build your first web pages.

4. Intro to HTML and CSS by Udacity

The Intro to HTML and CSS course by Udacity consists of HTML and CSS modules. In the CSS modules, you will learn the basics of CSS syntax and practice writing CSS and styling websites.

5. Learn CSS by CodeCademy

If you are ready to dive into some interactive practice and start practicing CSS without setting up any tools, Learn CSS course by CodeCademy is the right place. It will help you learn CSS essentials for styling websites building on top of basic HTML.

How do you plan to learn CSS?

Learning CSS fundamentals requires at least basic HTML prior knowledge. Some of these courses imply you already know HTML, or they teach it together with CSS. Remember, learning CSS can be frustrating if not planned correctly. Some developers may think it is not programming, so they skip learning the fundamentals.

Building many projects is the best way to make all this information stick. Get the basics right and apply them while solving real problems. How do you plan to get comfortable with CSS? What projects do you think of building to practice it?

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